Mission Statement

Donald Trump defied the odds and the pundits to become the forty-fifth President of the United States. He prevailed in the primaries and the general election in large part because of his unrelenting “America First” platform and by the force of his personality. That put two significant battles in the win column, but the war has only just begun.

President Trump continues to face fanatical Democrat opposition across the board — from Congress, from left-wing voter groups financed by the likes of Barack Obama and George Soros, from Obama holdovers with the government, and others. He is being confronted with obstructionism within the Republican Party that defies conventional logic — from the Establishment GOP (RINOs or GOPe) and from the right wing of the Party (Freedom Caucus, some Tea Party groups, Libertarians like Rand Paul, and the NeverTrumpers like McCain, Graham, Sasse, et al.  And, of course, the liberal mainstream media acts on its own behalf, and as a unified mouthpiece for the Trump opposition.

Perhaps the “Street Fighter in the Brioni Suit” can prevail against these combined opposition forces on his own with the help of the relatively small group of loyalists surrounding him.  Perhaps not. The tactic of bypassing the mainstream media with frequent press conferences, weekly addresses, barn-burner rallies, Tweets, Facebook and other social media certainly is keeping President Trump and his agenda in the game at this stage, but as his term continues, organized opposition can be expected to build.

My view is that it was grassroots anti-establishment voters that carried Donald Trump successfully through the primaries and the Republican National Convention, with some assistance from a relatively modest top-down organization. That same group, plus some considerable help from the Republican National Committee starting in the Summer of 2016, put him over the top in the Electoral College and got him elected. It would be an incredible waste of that effort to allow the campaign organization to wither.

Trump Pollworkers

Now is the time to revitalize the 60 million-plus Trump voters (and others who have by now seen the light) and get them to work on actively supporting his agenda with a national network of local America First Action Committees. This website and blog is intended to serve as a starting point for getting that done. The best place for those interested to begin getting up to speed is by taking five minutes or so to read the Action Plan here. The Action Plan is a PDF file that can be downloaded, printed and distributed as needed. Discussion of tactics for local recruitment, organizing and outreach can be found in the blog.