Who We Are

Omer Causey

The head rabble-rouser-in-charge of the America First Action Committee is Omer Causey, a retired Florida lawyer relocated to the Foothills of the Blue Ridge in Western North Carolina.  I practiced corporate and government law as outside counsel for thirty-seven years, in the courtroom and at the bargaining table.  Because so much of my practice involved either representing individuals and businesses against various government entities or various government entities against individuals and businesses, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of those interactions from both sides.

By 2012, I had finally become convinced that the federal government was broken nearly to the point of not being repairable, and I got heavily involved in the movement to convene an Article V Convention of the States for the purpose of selectively amending the United States Constitution to address issues that Congress is unwilling to take on.  High on my list:

  • imposing term limits on Congress and federal officials, including the judiciary
  • balancing the budget by limiting spending, taxing and borrowing
  • legislative annulment of rogue Supreme Court rulings
  • reduction of the federal bureaucracy by sunsetting (setting expiration dates) for legislative and executive authorizations of agency programs
  • mandating single subject legislation in the interest of simplicity and transparency
  • allowing override of Congressional or Executive action by a three-fifths majority of the states
  • returning the scope of the Commerce Clause to that intended by the Founders
  • requiring valid photo identification for voting based on proof of citizenship and legal residency
  • requiring that Congress pass no law that exempts its members or other government officials

After five years of very limited progress on this front (except for a Balanced Budget Amendment, which is quite close to accumulating petitions from the required thirty-four states), Donald Trump presented the country with at least the possibility of taking another path.  I jumped on the Trump Train as soon as its departure date was foreseeable.  I worked the primaries and the general election in Florida and North Carolina, seeing a true grassroots movement come into being.

There are some items on my list that can be accomplished without amending the Constitution, if the Republican members of Congress will pull together.  The Republican Party must be made to understand that after Donald Trump was elected, and so many of them rode his coattails into office, the party no longer belongs to the GOP Establishment. President Trump will no doubt whip some of the recalcitrant members into shape, but the fact is that members of Congress respond to two things:  (1) pressure from the constituents (registered voters) in their district; and (2) money from special interests (which include the Republican National Committee).  The America First Action Committee will focus on the former, leaving the money issues to pro-Trump PACs.

The job of getting this ball rolling is one I willingly accept.  I will be adding a page for team member profiles as we pick up momentum. Please get on board, and bring friends.