Border Wall – San Diego Proves It Works

San Diego Border Crossing

President Trump’s campaign promise to “Build the Wall” received exactly ZERO funding in the recently passed budget bill. Republicans in Congress had all manner of excuses for breaking their own campaign pledges that allowed many of them to coattail President Trump, but basically they lacked the legislative will (courage) to confront the Democrats. I hold out some hope for the ¬†GOPe getting on board with this crucial element of the America First agenda, but not much. There will be a price for them to pay in 2018.

In the meantime, there is a 5 minute video on YouTube that should be watched by everyone who has doubts about the effectiveness of a border fence/wall. The video was produced by Kelsey Harkness of The Daily Signal and traces the illegal entry situation back to 1986. It explains that the fence had to be built because cross-border crime was so high that US residents and businesses were unable to get and maintain property insurance, threatening them with foreclosure of their home mortgages and business loans.

No hype. No campaign rhetoric. No xenophobia. Just simple economic facts as determined by insurance actuaries.

Send this link to your Congressional Representative and both of your Senators. Send it to your friends, family and associates, asking them to do the same.

How Building a Border Wall Changed San Diego | The Daily …

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