Trumpers Should Be Emailing Congress

Twitter and other social media serve a useful purpose for spreading information (although as often as not, misinformation) and rallying the troops, but unless you are Donald Trump himself, they have little impact on your elected officials. Your Congressional Representative and Senators do not follow your social media accounts, so your posts are not reaching them.

In the time it takes you to read a dozen Twitter posts or write one yourself, you can send a message to your Congressional Representative or Senators that will actually have a chance of making a difference. Don’t get me wrong–your message is very unlikely to be seen by your Representative or Senators, but it may be added to the tallies kept by the staff on issues of interest to constituents, which are presumably presented to the boss in summary form.

It is easy to find contact information for your Senators and House Member.

For your House Member, go to and type in your ZIP code. You will be taken to a page for the ZIP code you entered.  Look for the email link РРusually an envelope icon. Click the icon. The landing pages vary from one Representative to another, but you will likely see a form to fill out with your name, address, general issue, subject of your email, and then a box for your message.

For your Senators, go to and select your state from the drop-down menu. The email links for your Senators will appear. (Save the addresses to your Contacts Address Book for continued use.) Click on each link in turn to send an email through the form that you will be connected to.

Think about your message or question in advance. Keep it short and to the point. Be respectful, even if it is hard. Ask for a personal response so your name will be placed in the constituent data base. Subscribe to the newsletter.

Send your Representative and Senators an email whenever you want to express your opinion or have a question about a legislative matter. With the address already in your Contacts List, it is only slightly more time consuming than emailing a friend or family member.

6 thoughts on “Trumpers Should Be Emailing Congress”

  1. Thank you for your service and the Links so I can, and I will, write my Reps in DC.
    I write to the President every week and offer support now.
    I’m in awe of the weakness of most all of these people in DC, on both sides. The Republicans are just embarrassing. I guess the only thing that truly matters to any of them is being at the trough. I read Atlas Shrugged back around 2011. It was shocking how much it sounded like America now. I’m afraid to read 1984 again. I scoffed at the possibility of a monitor installed in every home and building in the country to keep an eye on the citizens. Now it’s here, it’s called the internet.
    I read a quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt…’Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people’ and one by Joseph Campbell…’Our culture is food for sheep not for tigers’. We have become a culture of childish weak minded mobs of sheep and seem incapable of discussing, and learning from ideas. But who cares, let’s watch the…football…basketball…baseball…game or go to a movie.

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      America First Action Committee has not yet formally organized as a PAC. We are not soliciting or distributing funds. Our goal is to serve as a catalyst for individuals to act locally, using whatever form of organization works for them. Most people are acting as individual citizens or in small, informal groups. The suggested strategy is for each person to concentrate on influencing the voting behavior of his or her Senators and Congressional Representative to support the President and his America First agenda.

      The best ways to communicate with your Senators and Congressional Representative (best first), is by telephoning their direct office line, emailing them at their official email address, faxing them at their official fax number, or sending them a letter. Letters go through extensive security screening and can take weeks to be delivered. Twitter is not generally effective because the available constituent contact software in use by most of Congress does not process those messages.

      Another effective way to influence a member of the House is to get your local County Commission and City Commission to adopt a formal resolution asking the Representative to support (or oppose) particular pending legislation, with the resolution being sent to the Representative. Unless you reside in a large metropolitan area, this method is less effective for Senators because they have a statewide constituency, but sending them a local government resolution gets their attention nonetheless.

      Organizing newsworthy local events can be helpful, but there is now a substantial risk of counter-demonstrations that must be considered. Using private venues where attendance can be controlled is advisable.

      For more ideas, subscribe to the blog. If you have specific questions, email me or call me.

  2. McCain is a pain in the neck. Hey, McConnell & Paul are my senators- pretty good leaders who are standing up- but, they need to call out the wimps and the “wussy Repubs” who are an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

  3. I am so ashamed of the spineless Republicans and conservatives! Trump was elected by the people! Period! We trust in him completely! Our representatives work for us but they have no backbone! They cower to the scripted Democrats! The representatives’ constituents can and should remove them from office and their cushy, perk filled jobs! Again, they work for us and they need to start backing our great President or we will put people in their places who will! The utter and sheer hypocrisy is astounding!

    Memo to Congress:

    Where was the outrage over the past eight years when Obama could do no wrong or during the campaign when Clinton committed acts of treason against this country by exposing classified information, selling 20% of our uranium to Russia? What about Susan Rice and the lies about Benghazi, and the unmasking of American citizens, namely candidates? No outrage there! Liberals and the media are turning this country into a three ring circus! This needs to stop right now! No more fueling the lame Democrats and their hypocrisy!

    I’m disgusted with all Republicans in Congress who have the nerve to go against our President! Get to work on important issues and stop the obstruction and delay tactics! You are playing into their hands & frankly I thought you were above that, but at any rate, get behind our President or resign before you are voted out! President Trump has work to do, so get behind him or be prepared to look for a new job!

  4. This behavior of the Left, the Washington establishment and Chuck Schumer – as well as John McCain – is beneath deplorable We US citizens are supposed to the deplorable ones. Everyone in Washington is acting like spoiled brats They’re more concerned about keeping their power and money making. This is so un-American

    1. Ryan, RINOs like McCain, Graham, Burr and others obstructing POTUS agenda. So careless with taxpayer money. Special Counsel will cost millions and you know there’s nothing to investigate. Mueller/Comey relationship disqualifies him. Stop this nonsense. Members of Congress have a better chance of being reelected if they work with the President, who will bring dignity back to working Americans.

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