Every Nation Gets the Government It Deserves

European political philospher Joseph de Maistre, writing in 1811 about the then new Russian constitutional reforms, said “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

In November 2016, America chose a new path for its government in an election which showed a deep and fundamental divide among voters. So what kind of government does America deserve? That determination will be made based on whether the voters who elected Donald Trump stick by him in the coming four years. The outcome is far from certain.

Trump is opposed by much of the established political class – – right, left and center. His main support began with, and remains with, not quite half of the electorate which showed up at the polls in November. Trump stills draws standing-room-only crowds at his campaign-style rallies, and has a social media following surpassing many rock-star celebrities. Nonetheless, the obstacles being thrown up by Trump’s opposition – – not the least of whom are in the Republican Party – – are showing early signs of working to thwart his agenda.

The enthusiastic rally crowds and social media warriors supporting Trump are useful, but not sufficient, in rendering meaningful assistance in moving the America First agenda forward. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” grassroots constituency must organize itself into an effective and active political force if Trump’s agenda is to prevail over its opponents. How? Read and download the America First Action Committee’s Action Plan, then put it to use on the ground where you are.

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