First Steps in Organizing Local America First Action Committee

Most people responding to this call to action have never been in the lead position in starting a local polical action committee (not to be confused with a PAC, as defined by federal election law). Here are some suggestions:

  1. Identify leaders and members of the nearest pro-Trump campaign group active during the primary election in your state. Contact as many as you can with information about the America First Action Committee concept. Arrange informal face-to-face meetings (individual or group) and take printed copies of the Action Plan with you to discuss. Recruit as much help as you can from this initial pool of prospects.
  2. Expand the potential pool of volunteers to include leaders and members of the pro-Trump campaign group active during the general election in your area. This may have been an independent group or a group run by the local Republican Party. You cannot assume all local Republican Party organizations supported Trump, so spend your time working to recruit individuals – not the party organization. Set up informal meetings and recruit help as above.
  3. At each meeting, provide information on the national effort. Give attendees the website address and my contact information. Anyone interested is welcome to use it anytime.
  4. Use the Action Plan as a starting point for working out what will be productive in your area. Move forward with some action immediately. Contacting each member of your Congressional delegation (Senators and House members) is an easy place to start. Email is convenient, but sometimes not as effective as regular mail, faxes and phone calls. Unless you know the Senator or Representative personally, do not fool yourself into thinking that your attempts at communication will make it beyond staff level other than in summary form. Volume is the name of the game, so be persistent. In each communication, identify yourself as a member of the America First Action Committee.

I will be posting more suggestions on a regular basis. Reply with your constructive comments and questions. Feel free to email or call me.

2 thoughts on “First Steps in Organizing Local America First Action Committee”

  1. I have been behind President Trump since day one. I told a woman who called me last week from RNC looking for a donation that I wasn’t happy with the RNC. My wife went to the local RNC meeting this week and the people there were old RNC mentality.

    I know and understand the opportunity that President has to change America and the World. I would be very interested in starting an America First Action Committee. I look foward to helping in Rebuilding America with President Trump.

    1. The Republican National Committee and local/state GOP organizations are set up to reelect incumbent Republicans. That maintains the status quo. That is not why or how Trump got elected. America First Action Committees will be bucking the GOPe tide. To be successful, we must cherry pick the Trump supporters from among the general GOP membership – bearing in mind that a very large number of independent voters were Trump supporters, as well as substantial numbers of crossover Democrats. Try to get access to Trump campaign volunteer lists as a quick starting point for recruitment.

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