How to Create Email Quicklink on Home Screen

Emailing Congress is a critical part of making your political opinion known to the people who make the laws the rest of us have to live by. The task can be made easier by creating a quicklink on the Home Screen of whatever device you use. For Android smartphones and tablets running Google Chrome, here’s the process:

  1. Find the website.
  2. Go to website.
  3. Bookmark the page where you would write your email message by clcking on the star to the right of the box at the top of your screen showing the URL address of that page.
  4. Click the menu icon at the top right of your screen next to the URL address box (usually three vertical dots or bars) to open the drop-down menu. About two-thirds down the list, click “Add to Home Screen.” The link will be added to one of your Home Screens.
  5. Find the Home Screen where the quicklink was added. Test the link. It is not necessary to have Chrome open to use the link; it will open Chrome for you and take you to the webpage for the email form.
  6. You can move the quick link to any of your Home Screens. It is convenient to have one Home Screen dedicated to links of this kind. You can get to the email links while reading news items, Twitter feeds, etc. by pressing the menu button on your phone or tablet. That makes it very easy to copy the URL address of an item you want to send to a Congressional Representative or Senator and then paste it into the mail message.

I am not an Apple user, so I don’t know if the procedure used for Android devices is the same, but it should be similar. Perhaps a reader who is an Apple user could post a reply with the Apple procedure.

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