How to Find Local Pro-Trump Leaders & Volunteers

Jump-starting a local America First Action Committee is easier if you start with leaders and volunteers who were active in the 2016 primaries and general election. Most of the campaign organizations folded their tents and went home after the general election – not realizing that the battles to Make America Great Again and to Drain the Swamp were just beginning. These volunteers are a major resource in advocating for the America First agenda.

So how do you find them?

  1. Start at your County’s Republican Headquarters. Maybe you get lucky and can get contact information for the local Trump Campaign leaders.
  2. Do a Web search on each of the major search engines for “Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Your_City Your_State”. ┬áSearch for News items. They frequently feature interviews, quotes and photos of Trump Campaign leaders and volunteers. Follow up with Web searches for contact information on those people you identify. Get on the telephone, send them a letter, post to their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.
  3. Introduce yourself to anyone wearing Trump gear or having a Trump bumper sticker on their vehicle. Be sure you are wearing your own Trump hat or shirt so there is common ground right from the beginning. Use your Elevator Speech to make your point quickly.

Post your ideas and successes in locating and recruiting volunteers for your local America First Action Committee.


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