Photo IDs Being Required at Some Congressional Town Halls

Congressmen Steve Knight (R-CA), Scott Perry (R-PA), Rod Blum (R-IA) and Eugene Green (D-TX) recently made the news by requiring that persons attending their town hall meetings produce photo ID proving they live within the Congressman’s District. Scott Perry is also requiring sign-up in advance. It is common, if not universal, for members of Congress to screen email based on residence address, but this is a new development.

The photo ID requirement may be prudent, perhaps even necessary, based on the fact that many town hall meetings are being crashed and disrupted by protesters from outside the District represented by the member of Congress holding the meeting. The new trend clearly illustrates that America First Action Committees must organize within their Congressional Districts and communicate with the Representative of that District. Communications by non-constituents are ignored – – if they even make it through the screenining filters

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