Roy Moore Senate Race – GOPe may be pushing Alabama to the edge

Some Senators are threatening to refuse to seat Alabamian Roy Moore if he is elected in spite of the media onslaught regarding unproven allegations of sexual misconduct 38 years ago. Not to get the cart too far ahead of the horse, but before those Senators commit to that position, they might want to read Powell v. McCormack, 395 U.S. 486 (1969).

In the Powell case, the Supreme Court held 8-0 (with Justice Fortas recusing himself) that the House of Representatives had no legal power to refuse to seat a person duly elected and constitutionally eligible.

Chief Justice Warren’s majority opinion was that Article I, §5(1) of the Constitution should be (and was) properly interpreted to mean that, in judging the qualifications of its members, Congress is limited to the qualifications prescribed in the Constitution. SCOTUS held that because Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. was duly elected by the voters and was not ineligible to serve under any provision of the Constitution, the House was without power to exclude him from its membership.

In a purely political power play under Article I, §5(2), the Senate could vote with a 2/3 majority to expel Moore if he is elected and seated.

If expulsion by the Senate GOPe and Democrats were to happen in the absence of proof that Moore is guilty as claimed by the media, McCain, Romney and many of the rest of the GOPe, Alabama would erupt in outrage. The Stars and Bars would be unfurled in displays not seen since the Civil War. As voter protests escalated, civilian facilities in Alabama may come under attack. Alabama might even dust off its 1860 Articles of Secession.

“Couldn’t happen” many will say. If Roy Moore is elected, then railroaded out of office by the GOPe, just watch! The states’ rights sentiments that culminated in the Civil War remain very much alive and well in the Deep South.

The forced removal of the Confederate battle flag from public spaces a couple of years ago was rejected by many Southern traditionalists, and their rejection had nothing to do with slavery. The ongoing assault on Southern history by the destruction and removal of Confederate memorials has rekindled those embers of resentment. Will an outright conflagration result if Roy Moore is deposed by the Establishment GOP?

2 thoughts on “Roy Moore Senate Race – GOPe may be pushing Alabama to the edge”

  1. Agree. There’s no proof of alleged sexual misconduct. Had Moore been a predator, surely there would have been more recent proof; real predators don’t stop. Accusations are being used as tool to prevent his being elected.
    Do women use men? Can privates be used as power tools? Do bears live in the woods? No doubt.
    Regarding the Confederate flag- In a nutshell, it’s part of history. It’s MY history. When I substitute taught for a high school class whose lesson happened to be about the Civil War, no mention was made in the textbook lesson of Confederates. Zero. Union, yes. History rewritten. No, it’s not okay to erase us.
    Thank you for your articles.

  2. Sexual Harassment

    With all of the allegations flying around, I’m waiting for my Grandfather to be charged. I think the statute of limitations will protect him and extradition may be difficult; I don’t think we have a reciprocal agreement with Heaven.
    The latest target is Judge Roy Moore. Is he guilty? Many have already convicted and passed sentence on him. An honest person would ask, why now after 40 years, what is the motive of the complainants? The timing is questionable; just before his run for governor of Alabama. Are the alleged victims prompted to make these complaints by politicians like the Senate Leader McConnell, who backed Moore’s losing opponent in the primary? Many tell Moore to step down. Did he have a trial? As far as I know you are innocent until proven guilty.
    Lately, the first to be convicted by the court of public opinion was President Trump; for a private conversation in 2005. It was a crude statement, to be sure, but was it the truth? To paraphrase the conversation, Trump said these women let you do anything, including grabbing their crotch. First of all, are there such women out there? Anyone hear of a groupie or prostitution? Are some women willing to give one of their most precious gifts to a person of power, money or fame? Do some women expose themselves for the same reasons? It is said that men use their power to manipulate women. Do women do the same with their beauty? Who is exploiting who? And as far as the private conversation being made public; let me ask an honest question. Would you want to be held accountable for every private conversation you ever had?
    I think we should let the people of Alabama decide on the character of Judge Roy Moore.

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