Second Amendment

In the aftermath of the Texas church massacre, former Vice-President Joe Biden, in blind conformity to the Democrat anti-gun line, stated that the armed citizen who shot and wounded the deranged shooter before law enforcement could get to the crime scene should not have been able to legally arm himself with the AR-15 rifle that ended the rampage.  Presumably, Biden would have preferred that Mr. Willeford, a previously certified NRA firearms instructor, have used a double-barreled shotgun, as Biden counseled in 2013.

I suspect that Mr. Willeford would have used whatever weapon was available under the circumstances, but given a tactical choice, selecting a double-barreled shotgun would not have occurred to him – or to anyone else with a lick of sense and even a rudimentary knowledge of firearms. Law enforcement and the military make limited use of shotguns (pumps or semi-autos), but not in situations like Mr. Willeford faced. 

As a practical matter, there is probably not a weapon Mr. Willeford could have chosen that would have been more suitable than an AR-15 for the stand-up task he undertook. The Second Amendment protects our right to make that choice.  Biden should have kept his mouth shut rather than further reveal his partisan stupidity and ignorance of the Constitution.

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  1. Law and Order

    Printed in the Sun News, Thurs. Nov. 9th 2017 as

    Real Cowboys need to stand up

    When I was growing up my heroes were cowboys. They projected an image of integrity and guts. They were honorable men supported and admired by honorable women. These men protected their families and when necessary they formed groups to protect their communities. When Outlaws committed crimes, groups of law-abiding citizens were formed into posses for the purpose of capturing the criminals and bringing them to justice; back then there were very few Lawmen, so the Sheriffs needed the support of armed citizens as backup in the form of deputies. That time has come again because of the inability of our elected officials to protect us; they can’t even protect themselves-Gabby Gifford and Steve Scalise. Even the police, who are our first line defenders against violence, are being gunned down. The Masked Outlaws of yesteryear have returned; clad entirely in black, they call themselves ANTIFA. Their lawlessness is allowed because of the weak politicians that we have either elected or have failed to vote out of office, once exposed. These politicians have tied the hands our police and promoted anarchy in stead of law and order. Until these feckless politicians are rooted out we will be on our own. But there is hope when Real Cowboys stand up.
    On Sunday November 5th 2017 two True Cowboys ran down an Outlaw in the quiet town of Southerland Springs, Texas. They engaged the mass-murderer in a gunfight and chased him to his capture (see the Nov 6th: Washington Post article by Kyle Swenson and MSN interview “…hero describes gun battle and 95 mph chase with Texas shooting suspect…”)
    If you don’t have the heart to be a True Cowboy, then at least support them and at the very least get educated as to history of the politicians that want your vote.

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