Work to Shape Public Opinion

A primary goal of the America First Action Committee is to shape public opinion toward supporting President Trump’s America First agenda.  A key aspect of public opinion molding is that it works toward building the voter base necessary for legislative reform — either by the legislature or of the legislature. Given the clear resistance to President Trump and his America First agenda being shown by many Congressional Republicans, using the 2018 primaries to “drain the swamp” is going to be a high priority. 

You may ask, “What can I do to influence public opinion?” You and your local America First Action Committee can do more than you may think.

  • Make something happen right now – no matter how small.
  • Start with the resources and people immediately available.
  • Don’t over-think, over-study or over-plan – just do it!!
  • Don’t become paralyzed by uncertainty. Most mistakes are not fatal.
  • Build on successes.
  • Get help as early and often as you can. Establish a core group of reliable people to spread the work around. It is hard to do everything by yourself.
  • Identify natural leaders based on actual accomplishments – not on reputation.
  • Don’t overestimate the amount of time volunteers can devote – people have other demands on their time. Corollary: Don’t rely on people who don’t have, or won’t spend, adequate time.
  • Set goals and deadlines; assign tasks.
  • Make recruitment of new volunteers a top priority. Ask every member to bring someone new to every meeting.I dentify potential recruits from voter registration lists, campaign contribution lists, membership lists of like-minded groups

Consider the following ideas:

  1. Letters to the editor
  2. Call in to local talk radio shows, or send the host your ideas
  3. Talk to your friends and family about how crucial it is to make sure their local Congressional delegation supports President Trump’s legislative agenda and nominations to the federal courts.  Ask them to spread the word to their friends.
  4. If you are into social media, use it. Link to useful information (like this blog and website) on your Facebook page, your Twitter account, Instagram, etc.
  5. Regularly attend your local Republican Party meetings. Speak up and ask your elected officials to publicly commit to supporting the America First agenda.
  6. Do petition drives – – paper or electronic. (I will be putting a suggested formats on the website shortly.) Maybe start with one asking that your local Burger King, McDonald’s, Bojangles, Applebees, etc. stop force feeding CNN and MSNBC on the dining room TVs.
  7. Wear America First gear like hats and shirts. Display bumper stickers and signs.
  8. Start a lunch or supper group.

Please reply with ideas of your own.


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