Trump Budget

Congress won’t enact President Trump’s budget without serious prodding – by which I mean the credible threat of primary challengers in 2018. Trumpers need to be working to quickly identify potential challengers to GOP incumbents who are not actively supporting MAGA initiatives.¬†The GOP establishment will not be doing this. The Republican Party structure is designed to reelect incumbents. It succeeds more than 80% of the time.¬†

In the meantime, Trumpers should be emailing Congress today and every day with support for the proposed budget and for the President’s America First agenda in general. If you want border security, you have to ¬†convince Congress. Here’s how:

Make some local news to get the attention of your Congressional Representative. Hold a citizens’ town hall to discuss how your Congressional Representative is doing relative to the promises made during the campaign. Have a speaker/discussion leader who is prepared with the voting record and public statements of the incumbent. Invite the incumbent to speak in response, but maintain voter control of the meeting. Invite the local media.

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