Unbundle Cable & Satellite TV Programming

For those who want to join the effort to require cable and satellite TV providers to unbundle their programming packages so you can opt out of CNN, MSNBC and other Fake News, I suggest emailing or writing letters to your Senators and Representative in the House stating your objection to the monopolistic, anti-competitive, cram-it-down-our-throats practice of channel bundling. Ask them for a personal response as to their position on channel bundling. Send a copy of your email or letter to your satellite or cable provider.

Find the contact information for your House Representative at: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Find the contact information for your Senators at: https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/

Remember that part of the money you pay for cable or satellite TV goes to CNN, MSNBC and every other channel included in your program package.

2 thoughts on “Unbundle Cable & Satellite TV Programming”

  1. Many years ago it was said when fiber optic cable was installed there would be the possibility of competition across the nation by cable content providers. If you lived in Kansas, in theory, cable companies from New York,California,Florida etc. could compete for your business. What happened? In between reading our email & sending our tax dollars all over the globe perhaps the government is just too busy to deal with issues that might benefit us. Oh , and then there are the lobbyist $$$ that may have more influence than our concerns.

  2. This is truly a very good idea as I do not like the liberal channels that are included in every Dish or Directv package. Unfortunately it seems that the Republican politicians are too busy trying to appease the Democrats, liberals, and the media to bother with something like this. Also appeasing their donors wishes, along with the much needed lobbyist money so they can win reelection. Dish, Directv, and the cable companies also pay the lobbyists and politicians to steer them in the direction that their company desires. I wish this would happen but sadly do not have a lot of hope on this. I love the idea though!

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