Warning Signs for 2018 – Mike Huckabee

The following is a comment published by Mike Huckabee on December 29,2017.

The election of Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama has shaved the GOP majority in the Senate even closer, and thrown some fear into Republicans that they could lose that majority next year. It’s also sparked talk that this might goose Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is 81, into retiring soon so his replacement can be picked by a Republican President and confirmed by the GOP Senate. If he waits and the Democrats take over the Senate in 2018, they’re likely to block any Trump nominee for at least another two years. And if a Democrat becomes President in 2020 with a Democratic Senate, the Constitution could be heading into a paper shredder.

This should also throw a scare into Republican voters. I know it’s hard to work up enthusiasm considering how disappointing this Congress has been. But they should remember that huge wave of relief they felt at dodging the bullet of Hillary Clinton stacking the Supreme Court. One of the few things that the Senate has been accomplishing is fast confirmation of Trump judicial appointees to lower courts, which Obama had stacked with liberal activists. Jones got elected in Alabama mostly because Republicans sat the election out.

Imagine once again having to worry about the Bill of Rights hanging by the votes of a majority of lifetime-appointed, unelected liberal SCOTUS Justices. That alone should be enough to propel Republicans off their couches and into the voting booths in 2018.

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