You Gotta Eat!

Many of us frequent fast-food eateries, or could if we chose to do so. For America First Action Committee members, the attraction should not be limited to the food service. The waiting line offers recruitment potential without trying any harder than wearing a shirt that says on the back, “Ask me about the America First Action Committee.” The front can feature a MAGA-related photo, slogan or logo. Just stand in line with a big smile on your face and pro-Trump people will ask. 

This is a tactic I accidentally discovered during the 2016 primary elections when I would stop in to Mickey D’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, et al., for coffee in the morning wearing my Trump hat. Almost every time, someone would engage me, and for the most part they were “friendlies.” I never passed up the opportunity to give them a pin or a bumper sticker and ask them if they could help out at the polls on Election Day, or with something else they could do for the campaign. Given half a chance, I would get them to sit down with me for a few minutes. I recruited more than a hundred Trump volunteers with this tactic alone.


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