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Saturday, April 11, 2015.

It is incredible that in the past Jack and Belinda have made some important decisions that have led to their success

Partnership refers to the implicit or explicit consent of two or more persons to the beginning of the common business for profit (Mann and Barry 572). Under the agreement, all partners contribute to various forms of capital, skills, property or labour. They also rely on the sharing of profits as well as losses and deductions arising from operations. However, it does not pay the annual income tax. Simply put, it transfers the losses and profits to its partners, all of which must include their share of business loss or income in their tax return

Partnerships have the advantage of being relatively easy to do, and they can work as long as the partners have a common understanding of governance. Everyone has his or her duties in accordance with the agreement. Attracting capital is also the sole responsibility of partners. However, when it comes to general partnerships, all partners are accountable for their decisions, business debts and actions. This implies that their properties can easily be easily accessible in instances when default business values are in debt. In the case of limited partnership, some partners have limited liability. This means that they are not responsible for commercial debts. The Restricted Partnership Act 1907 provides that, in the context of limited partnership, one partner must assume full responsibility for the enterprise. The Limited Liability Act 2000 sets limits on limited liability, which limit the liability of all partners (Miller 554)

Limited companies have a special status in the laws of the country. These types of enterprises include, which means that they have their own unique identifier, different from owners. They can therefore be brought to court or brought to court or to their own property individually (Scott 122). Possession of a limited company is subdivision on equal parts, known as shares. Because companies with limited companies have their own credentials, owners cannot be held personally responsible for debts in any case. This means that their property cannot be accepted if their business defaults on debt

Unlike partnerships, owners in a limited company are not required to participate in the business day business. This means that they can gain additional support from outside people when they need to attract capital. The company pays the tax, which represents a fixed percentage of the profit. Owners who are paid by the enterprise are required to pay income tax (Caryford and Neild 130)

Jack and Belinda ran away in the past

With a limited company, they will not be actively involved in business management. If the business expands and opens new shops in different places, their workload will increase significantly. For people who are used to manage small spaces, they will encounter difficulties in performing the extended business. In addition, the formation of a limited company will guarantee that they will raise extra capital from outside investors. For example, they will be able to apply for loans and use business as collateral. Even if they are by default, they will not risk their personal property (Merrills and Fisher 402). In addition, they can also use the business on the London Stock Exchange to finance their expansion

With a limited company, they will have their own ID, separated from their business. This implies that personal actions will have no business impact and that business decisions will have no effect on their personal lives. Their tax procedure would be much less onerous than at present. The business will exist, although one of them may decide to quit the business. That’s in turn

The duration of the employment contract shall not depend on its form; it may be oral or written. However, in accordance with the Employment Rights Act of 1996, the employer must provide the staff with written information within two months of the start of the work. It is therefore recommended that Jack and Belinda agree on the staff, as they seek to recruit more staff and expand it. The following key terms are included in the agreement:

  • The name of the person and other important personal information related to the person
  • Start date of the employee
  • Start date of the employee. This is applicable when the staff member moves to another edit or promotion, or when they rework after redundancy or unfair dismissal
  • Title and brief description of the job they are doing
  • The duration of the contract if the company does not offer a permanent job
  • Wages, compensation, structure of bonus and other privileges
  • Holiday days, as well as the amount paid on holidays
  • The number of hours during which employees are required to work and the reward for exceeding the hour or a fine in case of violation of the clock
  • The type of payment allowed and allowed during such periods
  • The areas in which the employee should work. It is expected that all staff working outside the country should be provided with detailed information on their working conditions and on the work they will undertake (Middleleave 36)
  • Assume that the employer must release the employee before dismissal. It is expected that it should indicate the length of time during which the employee must notify the employer of the termination of his employment
  • Duties and rights of both the employee and the employer
  • Employee’s behavioral expectations
  • Disciplinary actions to be followed when code breaks. This should include a staff complaint procedure to ensure that they are treated in a fair and reasonable manner in the event of a dispute (Persson 410)
  • While Jack and Belinda are seeking to expand their business, the most important decision they can make is the kind of legal structure that will deal with. The structure was now one of the partnerships. This has been successful, which has led them to take a critical look at the possibility of expanding their position and creating new salons in other regions. However, to keep this business going, they need to create a limited company. This will reduce their workload and provide them with identification data that is separate from their business. It will also allow them to find capital from external sources. Most importantly, if any of them decided to abandon the venture project, it would be best to use their own remedies

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